Sandarbh - Bimonthly

Sandarbh is a bimonthly in Marathi, centered on subjects about science and education. Real
learning lies beyond the school examinations, questions, answers and learning by heart.
Articles in the issue help us understand the world around us and find answers to the questions
that we face.

Science behind everyday experience is a real fun. Sandarbh brings out to notice the actual
science behind everything. It does not limit itself to examinations, marks and curriculum, thus
making it interesting.

Articles include experiments, which can be done at home, games and riddles, stories and
book reviews. Teachers, students and science lovers normally subscribe to this magazine.
Many people have found a great value in reading this periodical. Subscription: is Rs. 125/-
per year. Single issue is Rs. 20.

First issue of Sandarbh was published in August 99. Along with some of the earlier
issues,following books are also available.

Dainandin (daily) Sandarbh: collection of articles on science behind everyday issues like
watching films, preparing icecreams etc.

Series of booklets for children : To experiment with light,water, mirrors, balances and also
to know about classification of animals & chic from egg. (Price – Rs.110/set