Palakneeti Masik

Palakneeti, is a monthly periodical published since 1987. It is a major and pioneering activity
of this organization. The periodical was started by Sanjeevani Kulkarni with a purpose to
facilitate thought processes on parenting and creative education

The Starting Years...

World is a dynamic place. Changes in social and political strata always puts parenting to the
highest level of challenge. Sometimes, as a parent we feel helpless, limited and indecisive.
Back in 1987 a group of like-minded friends felt the need to shed away the awkwardness
and speak out on these issues. They felt the need to stay connected and seek answers to the
dilemmas faced. Result was Palakneeti magazine, a communication medium in the form of
monthly issue filled back to back with articles on parenting and creative education.

Growing years...

First few lonely efforts were soon become a team as more like-minded people joined the
group. The work expanded. Palakneeti Pariwar trust was formed in 1996 to endorse our
commitment. People from various fields joined as trustees and Palakneeti could publish a
16-20 page monthly issue alongwith a special yearly Diwali edition. Today, palakneeti is
successful in creating a small but significant space in the minds of people.

Our Philosophy...

No one can live for themselves alone. If someone is trying to do that, it would be a cruel act
of withering a blooming life.

Children's mental make up depends entirely on their emotional security. Parent's relationship
with each other is a seeding for their mental growth. Hence their nurturing needs to be
tackled very sensitively.

We strongly believe that healthy social structures can foster better personal parenting. Hence
our vision is to promote concept of "Social Parenting". Social Parenting extends the idea of
parental care from individual to public sphere. The essence of social parenting lies in helping
those in need. Our role is to include all those who need a little support in handling challenges
in parenting with an obvious preference to children’s issues.