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1) Palakneeti Pariwar,

Amruta Clinic,Athavle Corner,
Near Sambhaji Bridge,Karve Road,
Pune 411004.
Phone No-020-25441230.
Email :


2) Khelghar
Shubhada Joshi,
Guruprasad Apartment,
23 Anand Niketan Society,
Karvenagar, Pune -411052
Phone No-  020-25457328 , 9822878096 , 9822094095 , 9763704930

Email :,



3) Anandsankul

Laxminagar, Dahanukar Colony, Kothrud,
Pune - 411038.

Donate us generously

The children and parents with whom we work contribute with their participation; however,
they are unable to contribute financially. Therefore we have relied on generous contributions
and donations from socially aware people and organizations. We seek support in order to
pursue our plans to strengthen Palakneeti Parivar activities.

Anyone is welcome to participate in various Palakneeti project activities. Here we put forth
some areas to seek your support and participation.

• Share your valuable time with children to teach them your skill or give them your
knowledge. Volunteers are also invited to assist in management of Khelghar.

• Make yearly contributions for Khelghar requirements, such as note books for children
(Rs. 10,000), Snacks for children (Rs. 5000 per month), Educational material and exposure

• Take financial responsibility for education of a child (Rs. 5000 per year per child)

• Support us by donating salary of one teacher for a year Rs 36000

• Support one young competent person’s post SSC education Rs 20000

• Share your place, educational material, books, CDs, telescope etc. for our use