Anand Sankul

A center at slum area

Khelghar addresses needs of development of children. Healthy development of children is not
possible, if the child is detached from his homes. We found it very necessary to work with
parents for awareness building right from the beginning. Usually both parents are away from
children for about 8-10 hours and are doing physical labor. Therefore everybody felt the need
of slum level center. Parents not only liked the idea but also supported it wholeheartedly. One
enthusiastic parent offered his own place for this center. In 1998, we build a tiny shade on a
vacant space in Basti itself.

A place for parent meeting

As it is a place for parents to come together, we regularly have ‘PalakSabha’ at Anand
Sankul. Various issues of children and parents are discussed in this forum. A slum level
center gives easy access to many children, especially younger ones who could not earlier
come all the way to Kheghar, situated one and a half kilometers away from the slum. If
children get connected to Khelghar at early age then impact is far better.

A place for younger children and girls

Creative activities for younger children were started at this center. Parents used to feel
insecure to send girls at Khelghar in the evening. Girls used to be shy and took back seat in
the beginning. Due to Anand Sanakul, we could start discussion groups for girls in slum area
itself. This made girls more confident.

We hope that Anand Sankul will help to createthe educational atmosphere in basti leading to
increase in discipline and reduction in fights among children. On this backdrop we wish to
have good behavioral example in front of all people.

A new look to Anand Sankul

In the beginning, Anand Sankul was a tin shade similar to huts of all people. It was small and
inconvenient. For shaping up new events and academic coaching, better place was required.
On January 15 2007 , we had an opening of a bigger cement concrete hall of Annad Sankul.
Certainly this will help children to shape up their future.

Khelghar – Spreading its wings !

Khelghar is planning to share its knowledge assets and experience to other people who
wish to setup similar activity. For last 10 years Khelghar is active in helping deprived
children to learn fun in education. During this process we also learnt a lot. It is very
heartening to see that we could make some difference in the lives of these children. We have
provided wings to their dreams! Through this success we are now inspired to spread this
concept to many more deprived children.

Now Khelghar is arranging a three days workshop to share this knowledge in the month of

January. We have developed a methodology, which will help many institutions, and people
who are willing to implement such concept in their area. We will not only train people to
carry out this activity but also guide them regularly in implementing it in their area.

Salient Features of Training on Khelghar Concept

Training course will have three parts

Part I – Children understand joy of learning
• Khelghar concepts and values
• Creative games
• Discussions on children behavior
• Using alternate education tool

Part II – Academic progress
• Alternate methods and tools for
teaching languages
• Alternate methods and tools for
teaching mathematics
• Experimental science and

Part III – Awareness building
• Handling discussion groups
• Methods of communication
• Handling children issues